"I worked with Yael in a psychiatric hospital and have seen firsthand how dedicated she is to the well-being of others. She brings caring and compassion to all her clients and knows instinctively how to tune into their needs. Through her special skills as an art therapist, Yael is able to open doorways for people and give them the support they need in order to grow and change. Her humanity and kind nature put people of all ages at ease and she creates a safe atmosphere for people to express themselves. Yael is joyful and positive. She makes people feel valued and accepted. Yael is an outstanding clinician and has helped many people on their paths toward wholeness and healing."
Christine Randolph, ATR-BC, LCAT
Nyack, NY

"Yael is a seasoned Art Therapist who stands out among her colleagues because of her enthusiasm, passion, and genuine interest in her clients. She creates art interventions that are thoughtful, and above all, help clients achieve realistic goals. She is able to do this through her passionate presence with client's, tuning into what they need to work on in therapy, and finding a creative method to achieve that success. Yael has been an inspiration to her clients and an example to professionals in the field of Art Therapy of how to manage the stress in life and maintain a positive, healthy attitude. I have always admired her contagious laughter and warming smile that shows just how much she brings joy to any situation. Even when others find themselves in a state of hopeless or suffering, Yael knows just how to bring a little light at the end of the tunnel to help find the way out."
White Plains, NY

"I have known Yael Rivlin-Divon for over fifteen years and throughout her career as an Art Therapist.
I can testify as to Yael’s passion and commitment to her profession. She views assisting clients via Art Therapy as a mission, applying tools of the trade, her seasoned experience and sparks of imagination to come up with ways through which clients see results.
Yael has a kind and easy to get along personality. She is very approachable, yet carries an authority clients appreciate. I highly recommend Yael as an Art Therapist to anyone."
Dr. Annette Zygmunt, Ph.D.
Psychologist, New York City

"I have known Yael Divon personally and professionally for 10 years now, and can recommend her passion for art therapy, creativity and caring.
Yael is intuitive and has a great sense of humor, both of which serve her well as a professional art therapist. I respect and trust Yael Divon and believe she is motivated by an innate desire to alleviate suffering and to inspire hope and creativity. She understands suffering, but spreads joy."
Patricia Quinn MS, ATR-BC, LCAT, NBCCH
Board President MHA-OC
Adjunct Professor College of New Rochelle & Westchester Community College
Chair of Historical Archives & Affairs of the AATA