Expressive Art Groups

We are pleased to offers Expressive Art for Groups. We facilitate small groups of three to four participants. During a three-hour session, the participants immerse themselves in creativity, using mixed media as well as other types of art medium, to express the inner-self. In this setting, Yael acts as a facilitator(*), introducing the session's format, and guiding the process. Express Art for Groups can be a onetime meetup or a series of ongoing weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Cost includes all required materials.

Expressive Art for Groups is offered to pre-organized groups, or to individuals who wish to join a group. The setup of these meetups is small and cozy. Yael pays special attention to matching the individual participants so that a sense of intimacy and safety is accomplished. Goals and challenges participants may elect to work on are wide. These include improve the outlook on life, examining relationships, challenges at work/career, as well as family dynamics and opportunities for growth. 

To arrange for a group or join an existing one, please contact Yael.

(*) This is not an individual session and Yael is currently not an LPC.